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Something that you say when you or someone else has quick or lucky reflexes.
Comes from "spider senses" which comes from "spiderman."
"Dude, he got spideys! He knocked over his 42 oz drink but caught it before it fell."
by jeremyxdax February 12, 2010
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The act of ejaculating into one's hand, and then throwing it in the face of a sex partner...or someone you hate.

Background: Originates from Spiderman's tendancy to fling white webbing.
I just spidied my skeet upside my bitch's grill.
by Franey February 22, 2005
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the act of ejaculating

Background: from Spiderman, due to the similarity between his web material and jizz
Mase: Man, im gonna spidey as soon as i get home!
by Mike0042 August 13, 2006
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Half a spider. Half a monkey. Very talented and beautiful.
by Banree September 30, 2018
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