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When a guy cums in a girl's mouth and she spits it into her hand and then slaps it on his chest, usually while yelling "Spidergirl!"
"The blowjob was fantastic but after I came I heard her yell "Spidergirl!" and before I could move I had a red hand mark on my chest and jizz all over myself"
by Spidergirl1 August 12, 2010
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May "Mayday" Parker. Daughter of Peter "Spider-Man" Parker and Mary Jane Watson-Parker. Active in the Marvel Comics parralell universe refered to as "MC2" (Marvel Comics 2)
Introduced in What if... volume 2 #105
-Have you read the new Spider-girl?
-No, that sounds like a cheap knock-off.
- FU, Spider-girl pwns, DeFalco is teh shit
by Nasmannen October 23, 2005
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When a guy cums on a girl's face, then she wipes it off with two fingers and flicks it onto the dude's face.
That asshole shot a load on my face so I wiped it off and gave him a Spider girl!
by Taco the silverback June 18, 2010
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Following an internal moneyshot, the female recipient stands up and as the semen runs out of the vagina the woman kicks one leg out to the side so that the semen is flung out onto the floor and yells "spidergirl". This motion closely resembles the motion of a person atttempting to shake a fart out of their pant leg
by The Doomsday Machine June 12, 2006
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