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Karmic retribution for being an asshole by someone who has access to your keys (i.e., a valet, a mechanic, a loved one, etc.), whereby your car key is inserted in the offended party's anus and then removed as if nothing occurred; A key that has been made "spicy " by means of anal insertion. Especially effective on hot summer days when people are extra sweaty.
"After complaining and calling me incompetent in front of the entire bike shop, I made the customer's key extra spicy."
So i gave him a spicy key.
by english foreskin December 18, 2011
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When you heat someone's keyring in an oven and when asked for them you throw them back using tongs. This causes them to catch searing hot keys with they're hands thus making the keys "spicy".
Anon: Where are my keys?
Me: here you go *throws him the keys with tongs*
Anon *catches keys burning hands* :Ahh! The spicy keys!!! Why would you do this?!
by Peeled Paint June 29, 2017
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