(n.) - An uncomfortable and burning bowel sensation resulting from the intake of spicy foods.
After eating the spiciest order of pan roast, the guy came down with the worst case of spicy butt later that night.
by Kaytan May 17, 2011
inflamed butt lips after eating a lot of spicy foods... next day... you get the spicy butt feeling.
pooping out spicy pepper seeds with thick spicy liquids.
spicy butt really hurts the next day...
by chinkEdork October 28, 2007
The feeling one has after shitting (usually after diarrhea)leaving a burning (spicy) sensation in their rectum.
Dude, yesterday I had the runs and after had really bad spicy butt.
by Evan Kurant October 19, 2007
When you have a juicy poop and your butthole burns afterwards. Usually after you eat food that disagrees with your stomach.
Emma, if you eat those tacos your gonna have mad spicy butt later.
by Paytonglaser March 29, 2017
When some one is a naked plate of sushi on your birthday, and they place a spicy tuna roll in their butt crack. Upon eating you feel entitled to ask people for anything you want.
Bro, for my birthday she gave me a spicy butt roll
by lawlshawk May 15, 2020