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The act of speeding up on the highway to check out a pretty girl in the car ahead
Dude, you are such a speed whore... Keep it up and your going to loose your license
by johnnygadget August 29, 2011
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A person that for instance goes slow at first then speeds up and wins a race.
Nathan and Nate started a race. Nate got ahead and Nathan screamed "Speed Whore!!!"
by downtownjelly October 09, 2006
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A speed whore a female who often trades sexual favors for dope instead of paying it like the rest of us ....
Oh shes a nasty speed whore...for sure..Hell she will bang anyone any where anytime as long as she didnt pay for. It....fucken speedwhoreshave no respect for the fucken dope game
by nottaspeedwhore March 16, 2016
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