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Technically it is a verb to describe the action of watching someone do a job that you can't, won't, and aren't doing while criticizing their work.

Informally...When a lazy MoFo stands around throwing shit at people that are actually getting the job done.
Damn Michael! Are you going to go up front and wait on those customers, or are you just stand there specthating while I fix this bike?
by Fastermouse May 11, 2011
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The act of spectating the game of the player who just killed you (typically in a battle royale game) expressly for the purpose (and pleasure) of watching said player get killed by another player.
I can't believe that this guy xX_OneEdgyBoi_Xx_TTV_BTW got that shot in on me! I'm specthating his ass to make sure that he doesn't win!
by timdub May 07, 2019
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