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Spang1337 is when you mix the strange 1337 language with Spanglish.
|\|° þ0$' 73h ()+|-|£® Ð/-\¥ 1 |/\|@§ ©0^^1E/\/ |)() |_|N¤z 74(05Z @7 7eh þ|_42/-\ \/\/H3|\| $U)3n|_¥ £$+3 ß@7() §+A®7eÐ ý3||1|\| @ |\/|3 & |-|£ w4§ l43|< "£H 8470!!!!1 \/\//-\$/-\|DE/\/ w17 _|•()|2 |-|o^^335!!!!!111" & 1 w45 |_@£|< "|/\/7|= 81(|-|!!!!!11 |2|_|##|_M4()!!!!!1"

Rough translation:
Well the other day I was eating some tacos at the park when suddenly this guy
started yelling at me, and he was like "Hey man! What is happening with your street friends?" And I was like "Wtf bitch? Rufflmao!"

May this be the most confusing language to ever exist.
by Gilbert0 May 02, 2005
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