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Form of online advertising that uses spam-like tactics in ways not usually associated with spam. We know about spam in snail mail, e-mail and enwsgroups, but this is a much wider problem:
fake blogs, comments on websites that allow visitors to comment, shell sites, etc.
For some reason, these guys reckon this form of advertising is worth their while. I'd be willing to bet a huge sum of money that less than 0.01% of advertisers who use these tactics actually make money, in fact the majority probably lose money plus the time they've wasted setting it up. Spamvertising just pisses people off, it certainly doesn't make us want to go and spend money on whatever heap a shit you're hawking.
just look at many of the current blog posts on
or the waves of spam comments at
by b0Bz0r3llo March 27, 2005
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