orgasm, male OR female

-when the cranial g forces pull the sides of your face back, your eyes roll out of sight, you black out, and do the obligatory leaving of gravity, while shaking; all in a few seconds...
i'd like to space travel with him/her, hes'/shes' got the goods!

she seems like she'd really enjoy some nice space travel
by michael foolsley November 20, 2009
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When you are so high that you feel like you are travelling space. This type of high is also the best because you feel like you have gone to a new world.
"Bro how high are you right now?"
"I am on a space traveler level"
by Dimitri Gondito November 2, 2012
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A curious and adventerous person who blasts off on psychdelics, especially psychdelic cocktails, and explores the depths of the mental universe.
Dani is a true space traveller. His space missions changed his outlook on reality.
by Space traveller July 20, 2018
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To be in the state of mind where the world is your instrument. You are a floating wisp through space and time. Your ideas and thoughts extend beyond society’s frontier. You have dreams and projects that you won’t let anyone get in the way of no matter what. You are mobile and never settle with what you are comfortable with, you always strive to discover something new about yourself and your surroundings.
Person 1: Why do you have plane tickets to Egypt?

Person 2: I’m going to build an automated dildo machine on top of the pyramid of Giza which will be powered by the sun’s solar energy

Person 1: wtf why?

Person 2: I’m in a state of mental space-travel
by Diskoteklizard November 18, 2018
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I just remembered I was supposed to do a thing on why this is dumb but then I saw a clip of Eric Weinstein saying a thing that I'm pretty sure I've already said about space travel (Which was that to travel through space in a way that's meaningful we'd need to entirely reconceptualize how we view movement through space time) and I kind of beat myself to the punch by proxy. Which is... irritating... Preempted by my own brilliant mind. I could be getting the chronology of events wrong BUT if I was getting credit for my own ideas that wouldn't be an issue now would it? Because my receipts are a matter of public record and YOU KNOW which ideas you got from me and vice-versa.
Hym "Does anyone else remember the space travel thing? Other than Eric? Because that's why space travel is dumb. Now at least. And it made me think that maybe quantum entanglement had something to do with the solution but apparently that doesn't work. So, yeah. Fruitless. Pointless. And Mars sucks. Why would I want to go there and be one of Elon's Mars emerald mine slaves?"
by Hym Iam March 17, 2023
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