noun a cool/hip and slightly aloof individual who regularly gets super high and goes about his normal buisness constantly getting stoned.
That space cowboy is flying at the speed of cheeba!
by HowYouDoin316 January 20, 2009
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Sex position where the female ties her legs to a ceiling fan, spins in circles nude, and the male has various attempts to pork her.
My woman was too fat when we tried the space cowboy, and the fan broke.
by Derek Allison January 17, 2005
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a F2PMMORPG involving spacecrafts called gearsand shooting down other gears which can be both NPCSor online players. Also known as Ace online in some countries, but most commonly known as Space Cowboy in north america
Let's play Space Cowboy!

yay! i'm level 2 in Space Cowboy!
by george_washington_HOLLA! December 26, 2008
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When a girl is riding on top of the guy during intercourse and then she pukes all over him.
"Omg I heard she Space Cowboy'd all over him!"
by starbanger November 18, 2013
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When having sex in space doing the cowboy position. The reason we say cowboy, is because only men are allowed in space, and for that matter, out of the kitchen.
Man...Neil Armstrong sure loves being a space cowboy!
by Shance la pance. August 13, 2010
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A male version of the Ganguro style. Seen in Shinjuku, Roppongi, Shibuya districts mostly of Tokyo. Streaks their hair and uses ridiculous amounts of hair gel to achieve a "weeping willow" style of hair. Usually seen dressed in all darker colors with studs and rips on their clothing. They will never be seen without their trademark cowboy boots or pointed dress shoes.

They usually group together and hassle you with fliers to come to the latest hot-spots.
Friend: Lets go get some beers in Shinjuku before last train!

Me: Definitely....shit, we're gonna have to walk through all the Space Cowboys promoting stuff!
by adhocadhoc February 05, 2012
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