A street in philly that is known for its awesome stores and where lots of people go to just hang out and walk around, also the home of the TLA where you can go see some awesome bands. kids from south jersey love to take the train to south street <3
I'm gonna go down to south street and buy me a t-shirt wanna come?
by iamslowlyfading February 10, 2005
Best damn street in Philly. Despite being burdened by the unfortunate presences of a few chain places like Starbucks, Whole Foods, Gap and Johnny Rockets there are awesome and unique joints like Condom Kingdom and Ishkabibbles, though unfortunately Spaceboy just closed. TLA (Theater of the Living Arts) always has good shows. The Pearl art store there roxors too.
South street is a good place to get music, t-shirts, cheesesteaks or drunk.
by someone18 September 10, 2006
A place in San Francisco where tranny hookers are readily available for rent. When used in the term South Street Boi, usually meaning easy "boi" ready for man on "boi" sex.
The gay business men went to South Street to get some man love.
by Necromantia December 2, 2008
A Maryland "restaurant" that claims to bring real Philadelphia cheesesteaks to people in Bethesda and Gaithersburg, but fails miserably. The food is not of authentic Philadelphian quality and the restaurants are dirty. Health codes are completely ignored. The owners claim to be from Philadelphia, but really are not.
-McDonald's is pulling a South Street Steaks with their ice cream...completely fake and not at all tasty.

-Panda Express is about as authentic to Chinese food as South Street Steaks is to cheesesteaks.
by CheezWhizard February 2, 2010
More known as ‘smack head square’ the people in this street should not be spoken too as they are the kids your parents warned you about. Full of crack heads bag heads and 1.75s
Come to ‘smack head square’ and make is a pakka

James street south
by Smackhead123 September 7, 2019
Noun and Adj. Person, place or thing that was cool and is now both corporate and can be physically dangerous. Someone or something that lost their character, is just part of the nameless mass of everything else now, and suffers for it. People like to talk about how things were because they’re sick of looking at your face(ade) knowing how things ARE. It’s not quite looked at with pity, because if not so greedy, so eager to gentrify themselves, they might have retained what made them them to begin with,
“Yo, ‘member when Willy used to wear those corduroy suits to school, saying it was because he was gonna steal hisself a Caddy at 3:55 to take his girl out and didn’t want to look suspicious?”
“Yeah, that boy was one of a kind. But now… Isn’t he pushing paper in middle management with the WASP wifey and rugrats out in Bucksco? He was just another South Street, man.”
by CougarKitty October 16, 2022