soundblaster is a line of soundcards from creative labs that have a history of crappy drivers. Now, there cards install and work well. The sound quality blows away the onboard realtek junk.
I got a soundblaster X-fi xtremegamer hooked up to 5.1 channel surround sound. Before, I had onboard realtek junk hooked up to stereo speakers!
by shnizel June 17, 2008
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The act of a mod on a forum deleting threads and banning members for no real reason.

Originated from General Discussion on GaiaOnline where a mod by the name of Soundblast went around deleting threads and handingout bans for the sake of it.

"Dude, did you see that? 5 of my threads just got deleted for no reason"

"Lol, you just got soundblasted"

"Man, soundblast is a cunt. He banned my account because of a stupid thread I made 5 months ago"

"Soundblast has gone mad with power"
by Argesso June 18, 2008
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Earth form of Satan. Created to do all evil and make good people pay.
God created a human form of himself, also known as his son, he went by Jesus Christ. He helped the good people, but even loved the bad.

Satan did the opposite, with a Gaia-account going by SoundBlast. Watch out.
by Haun Of The Dead July 10, 2008
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The act of being banned or having a thread deleted by SoundBlast
Dude 1: Oh man! My thread got deleted and I got 2 day'd
by Shudra June 18, 2008
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Also soundblast'd

1. To have your thread on deleted by newfag GD moderator known as SoundBlast.
2. To be banned by aforementioned newfag moderator.
3. (Modern, post-Gaia usage) To be unfairly penalized due to the ignorance of another.
"My intelligent post containing thought provoking discussion just got deleted by that new mod. I got totally Soundblasted."

by Dimmo June 18, 2008
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Soundsblasting refers to a thread being deleted on Gaiaonlines GD by a mod called Soundblast.
Oh, snap look Soundblast is Soundblasting again
by Shadedflames July 10, 2009
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to keep listening to a certain song,artist,cd,or genre over and over for like a week, a month or day. Usually being blasted through a stereo.
also accepted:
"Whoah, dude, I've been soundblasting techno for the past week"
"Ugh that teenybopper has been soundblasting Hey There Deliah ever since she heard it on MTV."
by Lastfm April 18, 2008
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