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v. The act of matching two individuals who are destined to be with one another.
Do you want to go soul-mating?!
by -=[Vi]rus=- February 17, 2005
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when you can't physically mate with the one person you consider your soulmate because they/you are hooked up with someone else, but your souls can mate just being together, or thinking about oneanother.
dean & donna
dean : I cant believe that we cant be together, I'm going nuts thinking about you all the time.
donna : Lets just let our souls mate for now!
dean : you mean soul mating?
donna : yea, our souls can mate any time they want to.
dean: thats ridiculous!
by g/t September 02, 2007
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The act of communicating with a bunch of really good friends. Involves severe laughing, doing funny stupid things, talking nonsence and generally behaving in a weird manner in public places.
- So what did you do with your friends today
- We did a lot of soulmating. It was fun.
by Katkarapu January 24, 2012
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