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Music, or more specifically, musical instruments, played so honestly, effortlessly, and non-pretentiously that the mere execution of practicing the instrument is musically a song from beginning of the idea, until the musician takes a pause to sip on a cold one, be it Kool Aid or an ice cold beer. Typically this form of music is born out of Louisiana, & rural areas of Texas.
Dane Sonnier of THE SONNIER BROTHERS BAND has always been a master of songmusic. His guitar playing on Galactic Cowboys' albums was melodic on every solo, and within his crunchy chord progressions lived a song. Even when he practices it sounds like songmusic, his kids Mason and Evangeline also posses this gift, they play violin and cello, those kids play amazing natural harmonic melodies even when they practice!
by eVL_e July 08, 2011
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