80's New Zealand slang.
Means "psyche" or "burrrrn"

Can be shortened to just "sold".

Literal meaning would be "I sold you on my trick".
by theKiwi April 26, 2005
sam tells dom to get him a beer.
dom gives sam a beer.
sam sold dom for a beer.
sam: i sold you for a beer

or you get someone to buy something for you
you sold them for whatever they bought you.

"yo sam just sold you for a beer"
by watzy December 29, 2006
It is when your teammate makes a mistake that causes your team to lose the match or the game.
You sold the game!!!!!
by BLSS_Toaster October 9, 2019
Insult. Often described as the worst insult around, if someone uses it the reciever has been known to pass out with lyrical shock.
First heard used by the MC: Devilman against Skepta in lord of the mic 2.
person 1: your rhymes are swag. KMT
Person 2: o yeah?, well I sold you an ounce of skunk, and you thought it was a four and a half.

Person one passes out.
by MichaelKalugin9 April 1, 2010