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Video Blogger - One who records a video blog.

A vlog or video blog is a blog (short for weblog) which uses video as the primary content

I record a video diary and put it on the web - I'm a vlogger!
by theKiwi October 7, 2005
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I believe I first heard this in a Goon Show (british radio comedy from the '50's)
Oi! Quit earwigging on my conversation!
by theKiwi July 8, 2005
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Short for "nightmare".
Bad luck.
Unfortunate circumstances.

Usually "having a mare".
Having a bad day - "Dude, I'm having a MARE!"

Watching sports on TV - "Oh, man, Yao Ming's having a MARE!"
by theKiwi April 29, 2005
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80's New Zealand slang.
Means "psyche" or "burrrrn"

Can be shortened to just "sold".

Literal meaning would be "I sold you on my trick".
by theKiwi April 26, 2005
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