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to be put back in your place. yet orginally discribed as a initiation for football players joining a new team
*a term coined by the famous radio duo Roy and HG*

1. "Come on spider have you soggy bun"
"oh where is it?"
"in the toilet!!! where do you think it is?"

2."Come on mate I was right! have your soggy bun!!!!"
by Pete Salsbury May 28, 2007
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HOT SEXY people whom fall in to large bodies of water....
running running .......splash....
ME:everyones looking at my butt
HER: Its okay Soggy buns
by Jess<3'sAsh March 31, 2008
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When you cum on his/her ass cheeks and then wait for it to soak in. While in the meantime of waiting you scream as loud as you can "SOGGY Buns"
Joe cums on her ass
Joe "Soggy Buns"
by MisterHippy November 21, 2016
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