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Kick ass band that first played together in october of 05. starting out with a style that matched coheed and cambria the band seemed to move fast in writing songs with amazing vocals by aaron mullenix. however, aaron soon left the band and we turned to finding substitute singers. when nothing worked out, the band decided to face a complete style change and robert the guitarist also became the lead singer. becoming a four piece metal/hardcore band was a decision that all agreed with and so the band got going on its journey. the wrote our first few songs within a week as they had a show coming up very soon. as time went on, the band played more shows at venues such as cardis and the coffee retreat. with more fan support at every show sodality worked harder to put out even better music. the band just recorded 3 new songs and we're really excited about them. sodality's future is unsure as all the members are going to graduate and go to separate texas schools. regardless the band will hope to put out whatever music it can and play whatever shows it can for the fans. hopefully the band will continue through its college years.
person 1---guys im going to see sodality play
person 2---dude no way im going to see sodality play too
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