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a publicly funded election.

an election that is paid for by taxpayers without advertising paid for by corporations.

an election where politicians can't use bribes to pay for campaign advertising.

an election where multimillionaires can't buy their way into office.
If we had a socialized election, maybe a lot of the money we spend on stuff like cell phones, internet, cable and cars wouldn't be used to pay off politicians.

Socialized elections are a lot like socialized armed services. They're way better than vigilantes.

If you had a socialized election, Citizens United wouldn't be allowed to buy your vote with a phony ad.

Socialized medicine and socialized elections are great because they both would save the American People trillions of dollars.

Isn't a socialized election like a "government takeover" of elections? Yes, you fucking dope.

Do you mean if we had socialized elections, there wouldn't be all the bullshit ads on TV by politicians? YES
by euphemismo November 26, 2010
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