committing something that would hurt or destroy your reputation socially; doing something that would make you seem like a loser, weirdo, etc..
Kid: I heard Ben's mom forced him to join the Math Olympiads!
Other Kid: No way! Ben is way too cool for that... if it's really true, then he's committing social suicide!
by benny trey October 9, 2017
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1. The ability or act of remaking ones self by shunning what they feel they are expected to be through starting over and becoming who they always felt they were.

2. To control the life you hope to have without ending the only life you have to live.
He realized he could be the person he always felt he was by committing social suicide through changing his name and moving somewhere that nobody ever knew him as the person he was forced to be. Through this, he was reborn, and his physical life never had to end.
by Dex Ter July 30, 2009
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commiting an act or acts that alienates one from their social scene or social circle

to kill one's social life
John commited social suicide by asking out his ex-girlfriends best friend barely a week after they broke up.

Veronica is commiting social suicide by talking behind her friends backs.
by Washington Socialites January 29, 2005
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The act of doing something shameful and embarrassing in a public or social setting. (i.e. crying, overreacting, joining mathletes, or wearing crocs)
Person 1: Did you hear Sebastion committed social suicide?
Person 2: What did he do?
Person 1: He cried in geometry class because the teacher threatened to call his mom.
Person: Wow! That is bad!!!
by Mexican Junp Roper November 13, 2017
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when you do something bad or dumb that effects your social standing
did you hear? he got drunk and did stuff with that really fat chick. yeah hes crazy, thats social suicide.
by blacky12345 November 3, 2007
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killing ones self socialy other than physicaly. a member of society who has rejected and shuned for life
Billy has comitted social suicide because he hates to talk.
After Jason pant rip he had no other choice but to commit social suicide.
by TLZ November 1, 2006
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hanging out or being mean to popular or important people in society, because, eventually it will come back and bite you in the ass after they tell all their friends.
MIKE: Did you hear?
JAMIE: No what
MIKE: Lisa just asked Sammy's ex out
JAMIE: No way! She so commited social suicide!
MIKE: She's so done
by dontfuckwithme August 23, 2009
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