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The Australian Soccer/Football team. We may not be the best or most skillful, but we're easily the toughest and happiest.
by starky June 12, 2006
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The Australian Soccer Team. They are very skillfull and have that 'go hard or go home' attitude. The team is full of extrememly good-looking mean, Lucas Neil, Tim Cahill, Harry Kewel and a few more. They are all equally talented, and very good soccer players.
We are way better than Italians.
Aus. "Those stupid Italians! Let's go kill them for stealing our cup away from us!"
Aus. 2 "Better yet, let's go poison there pizzas"

Socceroos forever
by gina hamiltom October 27, 2006
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australian football team and the real winners of the world cup robbed by italy. best players include bresciano, kewell but injury prone, neill and aloisi
i wanna jump and scream in a stadium
full of australians

-song for the socceroos
by insomniac16 July 31, 2006
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amazing little team from an amazing little country who went from 43rd in the world to the world cup top 16. Team consists of hot men lucas neil, tim cahill and of course darling harry kewell and is captained by our big boofy bogan mark viduka.

italy game was unfortunate but we've only just begun, plus certain aussies do need to move on
Idiot who knows nothing about soccer:
that penalty was a load of shit i cant get over it the socceroos played so hard, we have heart those italians are just diving retards with lots of hair gel... blah blah blah

by GuusHiddink July 13, 2006
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A football team whose unique strategy comprises playing with 10 men, playing second string players where possible, and reminiscing about 4 years ago.
Danny DeVito is widely expected to be announced as the next coach of the Socceroos.
by DodgerDamjet June 19, 2010
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