A sneeringly disdainful epithet popularised on Reddit with the intention of scornfully dismissing the pretence of posting a controversial opinion when it's blindly obvious that everyone within a certain comment thread will agree with it.
Posting on r/billymadison

Redditor 1: Screw the downvoters, I'll say it anyway. O'Doyle rules!

Redditor 2: So brave...
by lubemyboobs January 9, 2012
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When someone expresses an opinion that sounds like it is very new and challenging to society but actually it is an overused, uninteresting statement.
Redditor: My dad used to tell me, the mostly manly thing to do is to do "whatever the hell you want to do"

Redditor 2: So brave
by Sussy sushi July 6, 2022
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