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A pair of 4 producers, located in mannheim, germany.
Currenty they are singned at Babygrande records, their album "German Lugers" appeared in middle of 2007, featuring Afu Ra, Sean Price, Jus Allah, Celph Titled and many, many others.
-Have you already heard German Lugers by the snowgoons ?
-Of course ! In fact, I've heard nothing else for at least 3 months
by Benjyy November 02, 2007
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The German production team known as Snowgoons unveiled their debut masterpiece with the February 27th release of German Lugers.

The album features a whoโ€™s who of todayโ€™s underground elite: Sean Price, Living Legends, Jus Allah, Chief Kamachi, Rasco, Wise Intelligent of Poor Righteous Teachers, O.C., Wordsworth, Reef The Lost Cauze, MED, Virtuoso, Last Emperor, Doujah Raze, Born Unique, Celph Titled, Majik Most, Edo G, J. Sands, Baby Blak, Craig G, Breez Evahflowinโ€™, Pumpkinhead of Brooklyn Academy & many more.

They have been an essential part of the Hip-Hop music they love for nearly a decade. The seed was only planted in 1999 when Det teamed up with DJ Illegal, but the complete product came to full realization with the addition of Torben and DJ Waxwork. The 'Goons have been making major noise on their European soil. There is no shortage of talent, and they come together into a beautiful cohesive piece of Hip-Hop art.

They released their Black Snow album in 2008.

They released Savage Brothers: A Fist In The Thought, Trojan Horse, and Snowgoons Instrumentals in 2009.
by izelkay January 10, 2010
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A derogatory word that is not directed toward any specific group, but one that can be used as a universal term. It in fact means nothing, so it can be used openly, in front of anyone. The word must be used to replace words that would normally get bleeped out if you were on TV. Use of the word regularly will build a following, so as to make sense to people that also use it, and mean nothing to the people that don't use it, making them oblivious to your ridicule.
by Mr. Snowgoon July 27, 2009
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