A ho that shakes her ass for the poor niggers in the north-eastern part of New York City. Also known as "Nigger-fuckers".
Matt is such a snow ho. i heard he guzzled 80 pounds of Monica sticky cum.
by Rob Thomas September 23, 2006
A girl who is so caught up in trying to stay high on any powdered drug that she will ho around for it
Shut your mouth snow ho or you won't get anymore D's nuts!
by 1/2 man 1/2 amazing 100% reaso September 29, 2012
(v) the action of hiring a sexual prostitute known for operating under subzero weather conditions, most often in Poland.
<past> Snow hoed
"Hey, where were you last night?"
"Oh, I was out snow hoing."
by Fleeg-blad January 11, 2014
A ho who willingly exchanges sexual services for cocaine.
Man, she's a snow ho. I'm pretty sure she'ld blow me, if I gave her blow.
by S.J. Christianson September 17, 2009
A Skier or Snowboarder who will do anything for Snow, Pow, Powder, Fluffy Goodness, Flakes.
Eric is always Smashing the Pow at Grand Targhee. He is such a Snow Ho!
by BoinBoise May 14, 2011