The ballsack thing that hangs off a turkey's face.
Cut the fuckin' snood off it when you eat that thing!
by Snoodophile March 29, 2011
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The crypt of Among Us, the legendary player who always plays as the red ninja.

Commonly used to describe a seemingly comedic and innocent player who ends up to be a ruthless imposter.

Ever since the name censor update, the alternative of SNOODS is S N O O D
Person A: “How did you kill seven people in one round!?”
Person B: “Just call me SNOODS.”
via giphy
by Sammy Everlast March 26, 2021
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snoods are a rare breed they are the dumbest bitches to ever exist but are also the most genius bitches you’ve ever talked to, yes i’m talking about pizza but not only if that for sure hahahahah yeah if ur a snood, damn welcome to the life
Did you see Alexa running across the street naked??

Oh!!! Bro that’s a snood right there!
by TARYNGIRL123 September 15, 2020
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fuckin gang ass shit, suck my cock or i will eject u from my spaceship
Guy 1: wow that person really lives up to the snoodlife
Guy 2: You bet! He goes so fucking hard
by TARYNGIRL123 December 07, 2020
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