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1. (n) A synonym for "bird shit" originating in the the mystery cults of seventeenth century England. An initiate seeking spiritual acceptance into the ethereal smegma of Scurnis, the ancient Assyrian God of armpit resin, would rub his body with noxious bird shit whose acrid fumes would induce seizures & delirium, during which the initiate's mind would travel into the future to read "Family Circus" comic strips whose abhorrent nature would induce what was thought to be a cleansing vomit characterized by a hacking gurgle known as the "snok", Assyrian for the word "holy mouth-fart".

(plural: snokrelig)

2. (v) the act of a bird shitting
"For two million dollars, would chisel all the snokrelig off of your car with your front teeth?"

"that twat-barnacle of a pigeon just snokreligoused in my hair!"

"I'm not touching your dick when there's snokreligious on it!"
by Dwokoneseus November 27, 2009
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