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a low class or irresponsible black person that conforms to some or all of the negative stereotypes that plague the African American community.
Michel Vick thought he had everyone fooled with his high income and a successful career but in the end it turned out he was no more then a common sniggun.
by the bone bone October 14, 2007
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A sniggun is a male of African-American descent whose actions, choice of lifestyle, ability to communicate effectively, and general conduct of character, are congruent with that of a nigger. A sniggun and a nigger are identical in definition except that a sniggun is not necessarily hated by society. In fact, snigguns have been known to provide comedic relief.
Witness 1: "Did you see that guy try to rob Mike's car? Even when he was caught red-handed by the police, the only thing he kept saying was 'I ain't done nuttin wrong man I was jus tryna keep it real' and that 'niggaz be wilin out'"

Witness 2: "HAHAHAHA, that sniggun was hilarious!"
by Mr. Bone October 17, 2007
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