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you perform this move while having sex with your gf hittin it from the back, here's the trick right before your about to nut you pull out & quietly spit on her back, then say her name so she turns around to look and nut in her face and say mothaaaaa fuccckkkinnn sneaky rodrigueuez beeeotch!
dude my girl friend punched me right in the dick last night after i did that sneaky rodriguez move u told me about
by jreeezzyyy August 16, 2011
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when a person is fingering a girl with the index and middle finger and the person sneaks there pinky finger into the anus of the woman without her knowning
I was giving your sister a good fingering then i disided to pull a sneaky rodriguez but she got verry pissed ended it there walked out and told her mom what I did. Later her mom asked me to show her the move
by thornussell March 21, 2008
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