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A pussy that has been infected with a STD, that is still on the prowl. This can be any girl who gives out advice like "Don't worry it's cureable" just so she can have sex.
"Man he was still going to hit that bitch with the snatch dragon."
"I rode that snatch dragon last night man, and now I gotta go to the doctor."
"Shit, stay away from that bitch if she gets her snatch dragon on you your dick is going to be burning."
by A. Frymark B. Bellah March 31, 2006
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A derogatory term used to describe a middle-aged or older Asian woman who is overbearing, impatient, demanding, cheap, or is otherwise being difficult. Enhanced with broken English.
I was waiting in line and this snatch dragon in front of me was making a big scene. The clerk was practically in tears.
by Yo shoe June 18, 2009
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Adj: When you're sharing a drink with someone (maybe your significant other, but not necessarily, and you reach for your drink and they swoop in and snatch it away.
I was having a glass of boxed wine, and he reached over and stole my drink. What a snatchdragon!
by P Dragon October 19, 2010
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