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n. a small pouch of fabric used to snugly encase the male genitalia (frank AND beans) while surfing, restricting the testicles from retreating into the body cavity
plural: smurries or smurae

origins: Early polynesian canoes have been found with carvings depicting the tying of the smurray, a coming of age ceremony when boys are first taught to surf. The smurray was tied tightly and was believed to keep young boys confident that their first waves would not frighten them back to adolescence.

current use: popularity of the smurray, once limited to polynesian tribes and soul surfers, has risen dramatically in Panama and Southeast Florida seemingly alongside the of gay and pseudo-gay culture.
"Dude, that wave was scaryhuge, thank god I had on my smurray or my nuts would be at my throat!"

So Stefan, want to try on the new smurries i bought from the cute smurray botique?" "I sure do Terrence, I love the cute smurray shop up the street, I bought a pair of smurae there last week."
by Kenneth J Rockmoore March 12, 2010
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a boy who masterbates to gay porn in the shower with large chinese men.
dad:smurray what you doing in there?
smurray: What do you think dad masturbating with my large chinese friend!
by rflynn13 December 02, 2011
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