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A vast array of beautiful women, or hotties, found in a relatively small area. They might vary in height, hair color, or ethnicity, but such variety is irrelevant and rather welcome. Unfortunately, they are too often the targets of douchebags and thus victims of the douchebaggery of frat daddies.

For a smorgasbroad to exist, estimates of the number of hotties should be at least 35-40% of any group of people, and preferably higher.

(And thanks to an old friend of mine from whom I first heard this term back in 1988.)
First guy: "Dude, check out all the babes here!"

Second guy: "Yes, this is a veritable smorgasbroad."

First guy: "Uh oh, that douchebag guido is going in for the kill! That chick is going to laugh at his porcupine hair and orange skin!"

Second guy: "Let's watch her trample his little ego! This should be a lot of fun."
by wheezer04041966 May 18, 2008
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The collective noun for a collection of beautiful women.

Possibly Swedish.
Picture it.

You're at a music festival or on the beach or somewhere, and there's a million hot women and girls looking fine, hot and generally beatiful.

You, my friend, are witnessing a 'Smorgasbroad'.
by Matt Blackwell October 10, 2006
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