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background- real hood- richmond cali do something messed up have a scandelous attitude or personality.
He robbed his friend, damn that boy is smerkish.
by maxx March 04, 2005
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This is slang specific to Richmond, California. Richmond kids say "smerkish" where their counterparts in Oakland would say shady or scandalous. Smerkish can be used as a synonym for suspicious, wrong, sneaky, unfair - regarding any person or situation where someone is being treated badly. It can be an adjective, adverb, or verb; I've even heard people say, "Aw, she smerked you."
Maliq and his boys are posted on 4th and McDonald when a car full of Northers creeps by, mugging them. Maliq says, "Watch out - they smerkish" and reaches for his gun.

Later, Maliq asks a girl for her phone number and she laughs in his face. His parnter says, "Aw, she did you smerkish, blood."

by Ms. B April 17, 2006
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