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Buildup of skin and other crud found between the foreskin and penis
yuck...check out all the Smegma underneath my foreskin...DUUUUUUUUUDE!
by Zojase October 20, 2001
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Pronunciation: 'smeg-m&
Function: noun
Etymology: New Latin, from Latin, detergent, soap, from Greek smEgma, from smEchein to wash off, clean

: the secretion of a sebaceous gland; specifically: the foul-smelling pasty, cheesy sebaceous accumulation of desquamated epidermal cells and sebum that collects in moist areas like between the glans penis and the foreskin or around the clitoris and labia minora.
"And they say, 'Well, you'll have cheese if you're not
circumcised.' I like it! It's my cheese! Give it to me!"
Howard Stern, talking about smegma, on his radio show, 4/11/00
by Jendo October 27, 2005
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Foul cheese like buildup that comes from not washing or properly maintaining equipment. It comes from NOT WASHING YOUR DISGUSTING TWAT/COCK! See egg salad.
You have smegma leaking from your pants you dirty fuckwad!
by Not so super DJ Gennady March 06, 2003
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A foul-smelling, cheese-like, sabacious secretion that collects under the foreskin or around the clitoris.

In other words, twat rot.
I would've banged out Kelly - bitch had bad smegma.
by csdd3rd September 26, 2005
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A term which can be referred to as the cheesy substance caused from sweating of the gland. More common with people who have a foreskin or skanky dirty bastards that don't wash.
"I went to take a piss the other day and because I hadn't washed in a while my dick smelt cheesy."
by Doc December 12, 2002
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An oily, cheese-like substance that builds up on uncircumsized males penises due to poor hygiene. Left unattended it may eventually form a cheese beanie.
Louise: Damn! What is that on the end of your snake, Sam?

Sam: Fuck if I know. I've had it since the circus was in town last month. Smegma?

Louise: Don't even get near me with that. It looks like you been fucking the spigot on the nacho cheese machine.
by Connie Lingquist November 04, 2010
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