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1. a irregular occurrence that we have no word for

2. smeegis can be used in place of any noun, adjective, verb, or adverb if you are too lazy or cannot think of the specific word(s) at the moment

3. something to say while sneezing

4. replacement of a swear word

*note! smeegis is generally pronounced with a soft "g" (sounds like a "j" unless referring to a male or female word. female=soft g (sounds like j)
male=hard g
1. dude that was such a smeegis! did you just smeegis?!

2. dude I smeegissed my smeegis off at that party! (I danced my ass off at that party; I'm going to go brush my smeegisses (I'm going to go brush my teeth

3. instead of "achoo!" say "smeegis!"

4. what the smeegis?! (s)he is such a smeegis!
by smeegis! March 30, 2009
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