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Semi-liquid condiments. Things like catsup, mustard, mayonaise, hot sauce, miracle whip, or any combination or variation, spread on sandwiches.
I'd like a a regular hamburger. No smearys, please. I don't like smearys.....
by Dennis Potempa February 25, 2006
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Smeary - Intended to be pronounced as "Shmeary". It is the act of taking 3 fingers and coating them with the sweat and cheese from your gooey ass crack and smearing it on somebody's upper lip.

Best effect is if you have worked up a good sweat and your crack is real freaking greasey and if the recipient of the "shmeary" has a mustache.

Originates from an individual who frequents a lakeside "pub and grub" in South Central Wisconsin. This individual actually did this to someone who kept fucking with his father at a bar. He went to the head (bathroom) dragged 3 fingers across the crack of his sweaty and greasy ass, went out and grabbed his victim, put him in a headlock and applied the "shmeary" by using the 3 finger method. It is important to note that this dude is a pretty big guy.

According to him...

"Not everyone can just go and start handing out "Shmearys", you have to practice. You have to make sure you have a real greasy ass crack."
Some asshole kept fucking with my father at the bar lastnight. So I worked up a good sweat and gave that fucker a "Smeary".
by Jay USMC October 09, 2007
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