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A police officer that, instead of actually helping society and arresting people for actual crimes, like to to a list of annoying things because of their lack of actual things to respond to or stop; such as
1. sit by areas where the speed limit drops significantly with a radar gun to get you for 5mph over cause you didn't slow down quick enough
2.harass teenagers while they are just walking around not doing anything wrong asking them what they are up to.
3.not respond to burglary calls (My friend and his dad had this happen)
4. Act like town curfew means "immediate quarantine" and love to fine you up the ass for breaking this even if your standing 50 feet away from your yard.
5. think skateboarding/longboarding is a serious crime, although it can be annoying they take the rules to far on this one.

I don't have problems with authority, just bored fat pricks with a badge and tazers.
Vicksburg MI has a terrible case of small town police officers.
by YourFriendlyNeighborhoodGoth November 26, 2010
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