Overly vocal declarations of one's physical prowess and penchant for threatened violence. This sort of child-like behavior is usually found in small-statured people who feel they need to make up for their physical inadequacy somehow.
OMG, what I wouldnt give to have 10 minutes with this son of a bitch in a dark alley. I wouldnt kill him, no sir, that's the easy way out. I WOULD MOTHERFUCKIN' BREAK HIM! I would relish all the creative ways I can think of to break every bone in his body. Id leave him just brain damaged enough for him to realize the plight he is in. The absolute hatred I harbor for this man permeates every fiber of my soul and body.
by Robin R June 11, 2005
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When someone works their whole life to get a career, but fails whilst their peers succeed, and then ends up in a dead end job, usually contracts what is known as small man syndrome, which is where the complete failure takes out all of their aggression on those around them, who weren't responsible for their failures. The only one whose fault it is is the small man himself. For example, small men often like to try and act hard and smart by insulting people who they have authority over, even when they know nothing about them, and simply get information from a network of micro small men working under them. As soon as they are away from the small man they laugh at how pathetic he is and what a colossal failure he became. Small man syndrome in non-communicable, so don't worry about catching it (unless you area a failure). However, it is incredibly difficult to cure, and most of the time it is taken to the grave. Small men often like to get jobs in the police, security and teaching professions because it allows them to exercise authority on those beneath them without getting any backlash.
Small man: And you, thinking that you are going to farm your whole life, is an idiot! I have worked on 5 farms and they all went bust! And you, from what I have gathered, is just a complete fool who likes to get laughed at! And you have no respect for anyone!
(Small man tells them to leave)
Guy 1: Geez, what a nob
Guy 2: I know, what a Small man!
Guy 3: He clearly contracted small man syndrome after failing in his career!
by Phil Mi Groin December 8, 2018
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The way that unintelligent women perceive assertiveness in males of small stature. When the same women see the exact same behavior in a larger man, they consider it confidence.
Manager (short man): Ma'am, I have asked you not to talk on your cell phone in the theatre. Now, I'm going to have to ask you to leave and if you do not comply, you will be escorted by security.

Ally: That manager who threw me out of the movie for talking on my cell phone totally has small man syndrome, he's like such a loser and is just jealous cuz I will never sleep with him.

Jeff: I think he knows you have herpes and he is married.

Ally: Shut up Jeff! He totally has the small man syndrome! He puffs up his chest and all that. He like totally thinks he's that pirate, Neapolitan.

Jeff: You mean Napoleon, and he was not a pirate...
by Majestic Lizard 08 April 28, 2009
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When a small, often aggressive natured person cannot accept that being small is without benefits and is a taller man lesser. They often act immaturely and hang around girls to cover themselves from the truth of being scared of other males. The small man often hides deep secrets.
Have you heard Matty I heard he, totally has small man syndrome.
by Basil Bacon November 29, 2014
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