Andrew Tate and his supporters
Person 1: "He supports Andrew Tate and his morals"

Person 2: "that gives off such small dick energy!!"
by daphyducks January 3, 2023
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Mainly possessed by a guy who is insecure, misogynistic and cannot stand women. The average dick size of these individuals are around 1-4 inches
Guys who bodyshame women give off small dick energy
by 4 inch king January 4, 2023
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Using your platform and followers to abuse females online
The blogger was regularly defeated Intellectually by a more qualified journalist woman so he went full small dick energy to attack her at every opportunity
by Seamus March 24, 2023
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Small Dick Energy is a condition where someone has such an enormous ego that they become either a narcissist or an internet troll in the majority of cases.

People with this generally like to brag to people about their wealth or sexualising experiences that may not always be true.

Most common in Andrew Tate fans and Gym rats.
Andrew Tate has Small Dick Energy.
by Wild Wiggler January 1, 2023
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When a man (most likely white) has to show off their toxic superiority by acting aggressively to overcompensate for their lack of manhood.

They will behave in such a manner that they believe it’s a public service announcement that people should know about that they have a small dick.

These men have developed a hatred for women that started with their own mother when she didn’t break it to them as a child that he will remain small for the rest of his life.

It is common for men with small dick syndrome to do the following;

- drive either a jacked up 4WD utility vehicle or a Holden Commodore
- does burnouts in residential areas in the rain or at 3am
- other throws his unwanted two cents on social media on how he is so much better than everyone else by treating those who he doesn’t perceive as “normal” as dog shit.
- abuse their intimate partners, including blaming them for their small dick

There’s many men today who have small dick syndrome cannot get over their mummy issues, are employed in toxic misogyny jobs such as politics, aviation, emergency services, military, trades, hospitality or professional sport.

Once a man with small dick syndrome has been called out for their behaviour especially by a woman, they find it an extremely touchy subject, because they cannot believe a woman can see through their bullshit.
*Stranger gives help on social media by commenting several times a similar post of their experiences of product or service*

Man With Small Dick Syndrome: Why do you care to even post the same thing on so many comments? Get over yourself you dumb bitch!

Stranger: I’m sorry that mommy didn’t break it to you gently enough for your fragile ego to cope that you have small dk syndrome.

We don’t need to know all about what you’re not packing.

Man With Small Dick Syndrome: Fuck you, slut, you sound like a person with an unhealthy obsession with my dick.

Stranger: No I am female, I can see right through your bullshit.
by FartLady77 May 23, 2022
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The condition which compells men, especially individuals named Oliver to overcompensate their lack of manhood by expressing they have a large penis or by overachieving in other areas, bodybuilding, for example.

That guys soo uptight, and mean to all women...
I bet he suffers from small penis syndrome
That guys soo uptight, and mean to all women...
I bet he suffers from Small Dick Syndrome
by Smalldicko42 November 22, 2021
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