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Did you see that girl over there? Her last name is Slutsky, how funny is that?
by Zamarama March 10, 2009
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Noun/adjective: An self-indulging sexual individual; one who lacks standards in selection. See synonyms such as promiscuous, debauchery.
John: "Wow you hooked up with Jane and then had sex with Bertha?"
Andrew: "Yup. I was a slutsky through and through."
by amherst college February 02, 2006
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A nickname for a girl who spends more nights at her boyfriend's place than her own and as a result becomes distant and sometimes hard to reach. Users of the word are usually jealous of the person being nicknamed. It is imperative to note that a Slutsky is not by any means a slut.
...Carrie is returning to her dorm room at 10 in the morning just before class...
Madison - "Hey Slutsky, what's up?"
Carrie - "Not too much, I just got back from my boyfriend's, but I'm running late for class, can we talk later?"
Madison - "Sure, if I ever get to see you later..."
by the fruitless muse April 29, 2006
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The term derived from the Stacel's which means "my shopping parnter/friend/slut". Created by Chelsea Birman
OMG mom this is the nicest shirt you are my slutsky!!!!!

You are my slutsky!!!! Dip + Getting Crunk w/ the Coyler= LIFFFFFEEEEEE
by RLOV April 06, 2005
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