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It is a very tall and slutty girl who ususaly looses her virginity at the age of twelve to fourteen. She wears a lot of makeup to 'try" to cover the sluttyness. Likes to wear six inch heels though she already is extremely tall. Usually uses fourply to stuff her bra. Wears very tight pants to show off her "ass" and "boobs". She usualy sneaks out to go clubbing and makes out with old people, young people, other girls, ex boy friend, and any one desperate enough.
Person 1 " do you see that"
Person 2 " what what?!?!"
Person 1 " the sluraffe over there! She's making out with another guy!"
Person 2 " And look you can see the toilet paper coming out of her bra!"
Person 1n " and look you can see her 'ass'"
Person two "yeah I definitely don't want to be a slurrafe!"
by welly ipod October 19, 2012
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