Any person that ends another person's long spell of sexual inactivity.
*does not apply to virgins
Guy at Party: "Hey man, are you two together"
Guy previously in Slump: "No way dude, she's merely a slumpbuster."

by Jack McFadden September 1, 2006
That team in your Fantasy Football League you know everybody lays the Hammer to.
I am going to hammer those drunk guys in our Fantasy Football League. They are a slumpbuster.
by Ziggy's Pack October 7, 2010
a person who likes having sexual intercourse with someone much larger than they are.
Big girls need love too, so its okay to be a slumpbuster.
by Panda1993 August 18, 2012
a female or male companion that you have intercourse with after a long period of time, not getting laid, and have no intention of contacting again.
I banged the front desk girl at the hotel last night and she was a total Slumpbuster.

I need to find me a slumpbuster tonight.
by JonVan January 10, 2015
A 46oz cocktail that you mix for your cuz, or buddy when he is down and out, in a rut,and pissed at the world.
I was feelin' kind of shitty today so I woke up and drank a slumpbuster and I felt fine.
by kenji kallooski September 18, 2006