Originating: Unknown
Loosely Synonymous: Slop Box, Fur Box, Hot Box, Hot Pocket, Fur Burger, etc.

A female's vagina, or "box", which tends to appear a bit less tight, or "sloppy". Some refer to these as "Roast Beef" because of the inner skin and lips protruding out in a messy fashion, usually resulting from having plenty of promiscuous sex.
She asked me to go down on her but when I took her thong off I thought I was looking at a roast beef sandwich. Total sloppy box.
by Mack'nJackson June 18, 2018
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1.A real bitch with a gruby vagina
2.A mole which burries into the sloppy box
1.She was a sloppy box mole.
by sj January 12, 2004
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