2 definitions by Mack'nJackson

Originating: Unknown
Loosely Synonymous: Slop Box, Fur Box, Hot Box, Hot Pocket, Fur Burger, etc.

A female's vagina, or "box", which tends to appear a bit less tight, or "sloppy". Some refer to these as "Roast Beef" because of the inner skin and lips protruding out in a messy fashion, usually resulting from having plenty of promiscuous sex.
She asked me to go down on her but when I took her thong off I thought I was looking at a roast beef sandwich. Total sloppy box.
by Mack'nJackson June 18, 2018
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Originating: American South West.

Loosely Synonymous: Superficial, Not Authentic, Less Than Meets the Eye.

Literally referring to someone who wears a cowboy/rancher style hat & clothes, but has no cattle or live stock. An individual dressing like someone they are not.

Figuratively or metaphorically referring to someone who does not meet the expectations or image that they put forth. A person who doesn't back up what they insinuate or say.
He walks around town with his 10-gallon hat and a bolo tie, but that's all it is. He's all hat and not cattle.

He says he can cook authentic Italian dishes better than a restaurant, but after he made me Chicken Parm that night I can tell he's All Hat and No Cattle.
by Mack'nJackson June 18, 2018
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