1. a person that never cleans up, usually a roommate, and will never claim his/her dirty pile of shit.

2. an extremely intoxicated individual that can barely function (see blackout) and proceeds to break shit and fall on everyone.
1. Steve- Hey, who the fuck left the milk out?
Rod- Not sure, it wasn't me though.
Darin- Bullshit. Your slopass had a glass of milk before you went to sleep.
2.John- Did you see that chick fall a second ago?
Nick- Yeah, she's a being a real slopass.
by JohnRom February 5, 2008
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When someone scores a bullshit goal in any games of the popular FIFA series. A slopass goal generally occurs when the ball bounces off multiple players and/or weird angles that conclude in a goal for the slopass player. This leaves the player on the opposing team in a stupor of amazent as they simultaneously delve into anger and throw shit across the room followed by screams and loud cussing.

Many games including those that involve sports have slopass characteristics. FIFA is just an excellent example along with most anything commisioned by EA Sports
Kevin : Wow I can't believe Kyle just scored that slopass goal on Walt in FIFA 11, he just kicked the TV and threw the controller into the wall.

Walt: %#$# off Kevin
by Classless023 May 31, 2011
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