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The person (dirty nail, snot hanging out of nose) who serves in a slop shop or fast food franchise
by paul February 26, 2005
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proffesional kitchen term refering to half-assed cooks, who would rather slap the food down on the plate then to carefully create a dish trough detail and expertise.
You call yourself a professional chef, but your nothing but a slopjockey!!
by chefjay October 12, 2006
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A poor painter. Messy painter not good at painting at all.
Man bill really did a horrible job what a slop jockey.
by Squeak nj88 December 11, 2018
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When a chick rides the cum out of a guy's dick
Also vulgar term for a slut.
"Damn Daniel, that girl is a real slop jockey for daddy's cummies"
by Wayward Kingfisher June 30, 2018
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