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The act of pouring an ice cold alcoholic beverage down the small of your back and in between your butt cheeks, allowing it to cascade over your anus and into the recipients's open mouth. The resulting mixture tastes like a home made concoction of adult beverage and butthole.
Dude, I just bought bottle of my wife's favorite Chardonnay, when she gets home from work I'm going to giver her a slobken!
by GhostFaceKillah1969 January 21, 2018
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The act of drinking wine or any other alcoholic beverage that is poured down the small of one's back, allowing it to drip through the ass crack and over the butt hole, before reaching the mouth of the recipient. The resulting beverage is a surprisingly pleasant mixture of alcohol and butt.
Dude, I just bought a bottle of my wife's favourite Chardonnay. When I get home, I'm going to give her a slobken!
by GhostFaceKillah1969 May 01, 2018
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