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A girly u got on the side whose always availible for booty calls at anytime of the day or nite
"Wut u doin tonight son?"
"Ima chirp my slideoff so i could get some ass"
by §pÝdA .:[«GFM»]:. November 01, 2004
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The act of inconspicuously exiting a popular social scene, usually a dance floor, with intentions to receive oral sex, AKA heenan, or partake in sexual intercourse. In order to slide off, one must successfully engage in stimulating conversation but quickly disperse from the rest of the crew without others wondering your whereabouts. Only upon returning post-nut bust is a slide off successful. Otherwise, you just dipped out with a girl.
"You know what I'm about, slide off get my cock sucked,
Writing rhymes, watching Scarface in the hot tub."-Jadakiss
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A boyfriend or girlfriend who is basically a sex toy, not a serious partner.
Am I seeing somebody? Nah, i just got a slideoff downtown, I can drop her if you want something one-on-one.
by ComputerKing May 12, 2005
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NOUN: A casual sexual partner. A person literally "slides off" with said sexual partner to a public location.
John just went to the staircase with his slide-off.
by Rels March 04, 2004
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another way to descride a shorty that is easy to get with; a freak who gives really good head.
Dane: Yo L where the slide-offs at ?
Leon: i wish i knew, i seen some dimes but no slide-offs sonn.
by trizzy February 13, 2005
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1.Sasha Pinero who lives on kingsbridge and webb.
2.A nasty excuse for a female that will slide on any guy's dick raw after only knowing them for two days.
3.Female meaningless to any man
1. Oh that's the "Slide-off."
2.That's just a nasty slide-off don't talk to her.
3.slide-off's are treated like yesturday's trash
by Chula #1 April 23, 2005
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one who participates in the art of CURB SLIDING
person 1: that girl is a freak

person 2: indeed she is.. did you hit it?

person 1: for sure, she's a slide off
by blackFlame aka brothaWize April 10, 2006
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