when something is so good it slaps your ass
“that food was so good it slaps my ass”
by slaps ass November 24, 2021
To demand a slap in your ass. What your mother does to you when you have been a naughty boy.
Ex 1: Please, slap my ass!!!

Ex 2: Erick I'm going to slap your ass, because you stayed out past midnight.
by Eggy_Chuck55 June 9, 2005
When you are completely roasted toasted and caught by surprise. A term you should not often use as you should always have an ace in your hole. Hopefully, when you do use this term, those around you will be so completely and utterly destroyed both physically, mentally, and spiritually that they'll bow down and worship you.
Teacher: "Did you say further? Further means more and you can't be even more of more; the proper term is 'farther!'"
You, me, or any enlightened child: "Well slap my ass and tickle my pickle, I'm going to kill myself!"

Thicc Boi: "WHO GOES NEXT? If he's on my left and he's on my right, WHOSE IN THE MIDDLE??
Enlightened one: "Well slap my ass and tickle my pickle he's got more chromosomes than me!"
by ExcitedTea December 20, 2018