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A person unable to grasp basic social graces.
My God, that kid is such a slapcock. Someone needs to cockslap him.
by CoolNameHere July 11, 2004
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slang word referring to the game of badminton; slapping a shuttlecock over the net with paddles
Bro grab a cock and some paddles so we can play some slap cock!
by yungcart September 21, 2017
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1980s. Derogatory term for an adolescent male deficient in genital hair. Commonly used in school showers and changing areas. Often accompanied by violent application of a rolled up towel to the afflicted area.
by angus123 August 13, 2007
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a person who needs their cock to be slapped usually for being overly enthusiastic or cocky.
amanda: man, he is such a slapcock.
kim: yeah! after last time i saw him my hand was red from all of the slapping.
by keem4 September 03, 2006
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