when you have a dangly poo and instead of letting it drop you slap it off its hinges into the wall
time to slap poo
by jeff the weirdo June 21, 2020
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Standing by a toilet, then doing a poo and slap that poo into the bowl of the toilet with a hand
by kev2480 October 10, 2010
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When you are having sex with a girl and you see it fit to poo on her chest. This is followed by giving that poo a full-handed slap to spread it efficently ovr her body.
Blimey, I gave Jenny a right old fashioned poo slap
by BaloghGabor December 13, 2008
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When you walk into a toilet and are unexpectedly overwhelmed by the smell left by the previous user.
'Oh man, I just got totally poo slapped when I went into that toilet'.
by milesinfront October 21, 2011
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The sound when a massive piece of feces hits the rim of the toilet rather than the water below. Creating a slap sound.
'Explain the shit stains on the toilet'

'Sorry i was poo slapping'
by StayFrostii October 11, 2011
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